Lars Erik Helgemo

3D and 2D design and illustration / Bergen, Norway

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Background in 3D design and animation, bachelor in Games Art from Teesside University. Founded Retrogene Studio in 2014 and was CEO until 2016 after which I helped out at Rain Games before joining its sister company InkyPen in early fall 2017. I'm running 2 webcomics: No-Good Heroes, which first went online August 2016 and Keep Busy since February 2019.


"Lars Erik is hands down one of the most talented artists I've had the honour of working with"

 ~Writer of No-Good Heroes, Markus Pedersen

I'm a 3D and 2D designer and illustrator located in rainy Bergen, Norway. But even that vague title is too specific. I'm a multicreative. If it is creative, chances are that I know how to do it.


Welcome to the home of my work, you can leave your jacket by the door.



Increase the odds for a successful funding application, impress your investors or communicate your ideas better internally. These are just a few things that visualization is well suited for. Check out my work and contact me if you want to discuss your project with me!

Art & Comics


Art in entertainment is one of my great passions in life. Be that games, comics or animation, you bet I have tried my hand at it. But art is important for so much else. Conveying a message clearly and strongly with striking visuals for marketing campaigns, public information and more are things I consider enjoyable challanges. And if you want to challenge me, let me know!

UI Design


Understanding your users and how to design a product to cover their needs is essential for good software. Having learned from and working with some of the best in the business, I take great joy in figuring out what the best solution to any given UI design problem is. Contact me for UI and UX consultancy and bring your product to the next level!


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Lars Erik Helgemo

3D and 2D designer and illustrator / Bergen, Norway